The only Love there is, is the love we make.

In man's decision 2 further separate from God, his re-creation of himself leaves him in a dysfunctional state of confusion. The mind becomes a burial ground 4 dead waste. Isolated from the wholeness of God, Earth and his fellow brothers and sisters, this man seeks solace in activities he thinks will stimulate his mind. He begins downloading in2 his brain a series of manmade creations designed 2 destroy it. All manmade creations originate from one of 2 sources: the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life. One of these trees contained deadly fruit, the other - Fruit of Everlasting Life. The one who disregards this fact recreates himself and his kind in2 extinction.

U r reading these words on a machine created by man. As u read, u hear a voice speaking 2 u the words that u perceive. They make sense 2 u because u understand (stand under) the SPELLing. The words r what binds this SPELL 2 ur illusion. When u hear the truth, like a memory - u recognize it and this recognition releases u from ALL illusion. Many languages r brilliant in their attempt 2 CONfuse u. CON meaning: against, fuse meaning: 2gether. Words and their SPELLbinding illusions have the power 2 keep man separate from God. U were born in an all-knowing state of mind. The first words spoken 2 u begin the SPELL. The words come from one of 2 sources: the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life. In ignorance or simply lack of respect 4 God, many use words that CONfuse the minds of humans and turn them in2 projections of their own illusions. Because of this fact, many people grow up and blindly assume their pre-selected role under a dictatorship without even being aware of it. When asked what they r doing here on earth, most will answer with statements that do not reflect their natural God-given desires. This creates a pyramid-like structure with the dictator on top, and each level under it knowing less and less. Upon reaching the bottom level - which is where the majority is, u will find chaos, disorder, and illusion. With ILL as its prefix, ILLusion is a state of insanity. In the name of democracy, supreme power is vested un2 the people in this insane state instead of God. A future re-created, 2 b ruled by man, is one of isolation and despair. Returning the leadership back in2 God will allow mankind 2 achieve its original collective goal which is union with God. Ideas contrary 2 this goal should not b blamed or persecuted - just simply ignored. They originated when man first chose 2 ignore God's rule. Simply put - in the beginning, the Human was made perfect in God's image. They had no need 4 knowledge. They were also given freedom of choice. The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life r reflections of this freedom. The human is now a reflection of their choice. They could have simply chose not 2 choose. God being centrifugal in nature, freedom was the CAUSE and choice was the EFFECT. In knowing their perfection made in God's image, there was no need 2 choose. In fact, their were NO NEEDS. There was only love in an all-knowing state b4 the fall. The worst thing u can do is give up ur God-given right 2 choose. 4 in it - u can choose not 2 choose. Therein is the final judgement. The illusion ceases and u awaken from ur dream. Now the healing begins...

With an all-knowing mind, made in God's image u can create as ur Creator - God intended. With love, honor and respect 4 every living thing in the universe. Separation ceases, and we all become One Being singing the One song.