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AI - Yes Artificial Intelligence - a big word with a million different explanations and implementation, implementation U say? Yes.. it's a man made design based on a training model. The model "learns" let's say states or situations and "lears" how humans reacted to that. That ansich is already an eyebrow raiser. U probably know some people who's states or reations you rather not learn an AI model, yet here we are.

Is there any governing body today (2023), no there is not. Will we be able to control it 100% ? NO we will not, since "everybody" can start a model and learn the AI. Is the AI cabable of "inventing" it's own responses or deeds? NO, at least not 2day. It always be a compilations of existing states and reactions or parts of it compiled into 1. The "new" part will be that the AI can het 1 part of the reaction from it's learned database and merge it with part 2.

This implies the AI can seperate the diffrent elements in a state. It can today, but limited. It will get better at it as it learn more (Remember the sentence from a movie where the robot says "Need more input") just that.

The AI always needs more input to be able to create an output. But what if the "input" can be created by the AI, is that even possible? Can a new born baby learn without example? Will the baby survive? Will the AI survive with no more input?

We might get repeating output just refraised. Anyway, just some thought on AI today. I have played around with:

Give it a go, it's entertaining and a learning exprience.

For that matter I have 2 x a Google Coral running on a PI4 doing video frame recognition.. What fun project that is. Give it a go, install HACS in Home Assistant, from there install Frigate (f.i.) and play!